Age Range

Beginners Kung Fu classes (MAKF1)

5 - 6 years

The Beginners Kung Fu class is suitable for children with little or no experience in martial arts. The basic foundations of Kung Fu skills and self-defense will be taught. Class disciple will be introduced.

  • Develop interest of Kung Fu
  • Basic knowledge of self-defense
  • Improve flexibility, coordination and ability to focus
  • Discipline and Self-control


Age Range

Improvers Kung Fu classes (MAKF2)

7 - 8 years

The Improvers Kung Fu class is designed for children with some previous experience in martial arts. The class will teach more complex moves. Increased athletic ability and discipline will be demanded.

  • Understanding of Kung Fu and Chinese culture
  • Kung Fu Patterns and self-defense techniques
  • Sparring techniques
  • Flexibility and Physical training



Age Range

Advance Kung Fu classes (MAKF3)

9 +  years

Suitable for students who are keen to develop more techniques in Kung Fu and explore their innate powers.  The students are expected to develop a potent blend of strength, flexibility and balance, while learning to equip with an array of techniques to react in real life situations.

  • Philosophy and Spirits of Chinese Kung Fu
  • Kung Fu patterns and Sparring practice
  • Tempo Training
  • Positive attitudes and values