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Holiday Camps
At the moment we do not have any bilingual classes, but if you are interested do let us know as we may open in the future.
Students who have enrolled in course will be entitled to refund less a $200 dollar processing fee. You can request for cancellation in writing by sending us an email at language@esf.org.hk for language courses or sports@esf.org.hk for sports courses to begin the process.
When classes have commenced, students will not be eligible for refund or credit. If you have any inquiries, please email us at language@esf.org.hk for language courses or sports@esf.org.hk for sports courses.
Students can apply for a credit for an extended period of sickness of a minimum of three (3) weeks supported by a doctor's note. Requests and documentation should be submitted within seven (7) days of the absence. However, we do not offer refunds. Each case of extended sickness will be considered individually.
In certain instances, classes may not proceed due to overriding circumstances, including but not limited to unsafe facilities, EDB or other announcements. This may or may not include instances when a weather signal is issued by Hong Kong Observatory (for example heavy localised rain, hazardous hot and humid weather, and similar). In all weather related cancellations beyond our control, a cancellation announcement will be made, and no refund, credit, or make-ups will be provided.
We currently only accept credit card payments on our system upon checkout. If in the special event that you do not own a credit card, please feel free to contact us so we may arrange alternative solutions.
Unfortunately, parking is not available at any of our ESF School locations. We recommend travelling by public transport to maximise your flexibility. At South Island School only, you might be able to find limited parking subject to availability.
Yes, members in the same family can share credit by using the same login.
Please visit our enrolment page at https://campsself.active.com/ESFEducationalServicesLTD and sign in to review your account details. After signing in with your unique UserID (email address), you will see the value of all issued and valid (unused) credit letters on "My Profile page" by clicking the "Credit Letter" button.
Click the "Credit Letter" button on the "Checkout page" and select to apply. When the credit is applied on the website, the value of the credit will be deducted from the course fee at check out. It can be used in conjunction with other credit letters (no limit).
We will provide essential equipment for the class unless otherwise specified.
Yes. You may enroll according to the age group for our arts courses.
Yes. As long as the student fits into the age requirement, they can take our coding courses.
No, ESF playgroups do not offer priority to ESF kindergartens. However, our curriculum and philosophy is in line with the ESF kindergartens’ curriculum. For students attending playgroup classes at Abacus, Hillside, Tsing Yi, Tung Chung, and Wu Kai Sha, they can benefit from familiarizing with the environment before their interview. The majority of our children who do receive interviews receive a place as they are very much prepared.
We recommend enrolling children at 6 months because they are starting to reach development milestones, such as sitting and crawling, and playgroups can enhance their development and stimulate their different senses.

Yes, we offer unaccompanied classes for children aged 2-3, which is the same as pre-nursery. These classes help prepare children’s independence before entering kindergarten. These are held in Wan Chai Language and Learning Centre and Tung Chung Kindergarten.
No; however, we have waitlists for popular sessions.
Yes. We design our curriculum in collaboration with the Kindergarten principals, so we very much prepare the children for ESF kindergarten. Our teachers are all first English language speakers, so the children’s English will develop if they attend.
No, our level 1 classes are very much designed to meet the needs of our little ones. This helps develop their social skills and allows them to become more confident. Our class sizes are very small so the children feel safe and comfortable. All of our full-time teachers are trained in Early Childhood, so they are also there to provide you with support and answer any questions new parents have.
At the Wanchai Language & Learning Center:
Level 1: 6-12 months
Level 2: 12-18 months
Level 3: 18-2.5 years
Pre K: 2.2-3 years (unaccompanied).

At Tung Chung International Kindergarten:
Level 1: 6-12 months
Level 2: 13-24 months
Level 3: 25-36 months
Pre K: 2-3 years (usually students attend Level 2 or 3 before moving to Pre-K)

At all other locations:
Accompanied: 13-36 months
In Wan Chai enrolment is month by month. You can enrol at the beginning of the month or mid-month. You pay month by month with a one month withdrawal notice period.

In other campuses the classes run on a term-time basis.
Yes, the children learn from each other. Even though they may move into Level 2 class not quite walking yet, for children at this age everything happens very quickly. If you are concerned, you are welcome to stay in level 1 classes for a little longer until you feel your child is ready, but from experience they are ready.
No, each activity is only 15 mins so the children do not get bored. Having a 2 hour class allows the child time to fully experience each activity. It may take some children some time to feel settled and comfortable. In shorter classes we found that children were just beginning to feel settled and then it was time to go home.
One caregiver must come with the child for accompanied classes.
In Wan Chai, for your 1st class you may have 2 people, but after that only one adult is allowed, as otherwise there are too many people and the children get scared. This can be mum/dad/grandma/aunty.

Pre K classes children attend independently.

Please note that there may be some changes to the above info due to COVID-19 related procedures.
No. Students do not need to do assessment before enrollment. Normally, we will arrange level assessment it in the first lesson.
No worries. If teachers found students level is not appropriate in the enrolled class after the assessment, they will suggest parents to change to another appropriate class.
Please enroll under student's age group or grade level, and teachers will be do the assessment in the first lesson.
It depends on individual course. You may refer to our website for specific course requirements.
Please bring these items for tennis classes:
Tennis Racket
Water bottle
Wear comfortable sports pants/shorts/dress
Wear your ESF Sports shirt or your own athletic wear
Wear a pair of comfortable sports shoes
Please wear tight sportswear for the first few lessons. We will have a free leotard for each new student, which our coach will deliver during the lesson.
Please enrol based on age group and our coach will make changes if the student is not in the right level after the assessment in the first lesson.
Yes. You can bring your own basketball or purchase at ESF upon checkout. Please refer to below basketball size:
BB1: size 3 (HK$30 at ESF)
BB2-3: size 5 (HK$70 at ESF)
BB4 or above: size 6 or 7 (need to purchase on your own)
No. Our coach will provide footballs for students.
This depends on each level of fencing class. There is some equipment needed - you may bring your own or purchase from ESF upon checkout. Please refer to below for reference:
FEN1: Starter Set at HK$650 (Glove + Mask)
FEN2: Beginner Set at HK$1320 (Chest Protector, Fencing Jacket, Metal Weapon with Sword Bag)
FEN3 : Improver Set at HK$1730 (Body Wires, Electric Vest, Fencing Pants, Fencing Wheel Bag, Plastron, Socks)
Our swimming classes are categorized by swimmers' ability instead of age group. Please refer to our website or contact us for further enquiry.
Yes, you can enroll more than 1 week and the course will not be all the same.
Yes, you are welcome to enrol in the bus service (South Island school only) when you enrol in the course. For details of the bus stops, please refer to our website. The deadline to enrol in the bus service is 10am on Friday before the camp starts.
The bus stops are fixed and the bus company cannot add a new bus stop. Please choose the nearest bus stop to your home. You are welcome to click the bus service link on the website - the photo of the bus stop is shown there.
A wet session is included daily in the summer multi sports camp at South Island School and Renaissance College (unless otherwise specified).
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