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ESF Phonics programme is suitable for a diverse group of students aged between 2.8 to 6 years old. Upon joining the first lesson, we shall perform a competency test to assess whether your child would be joining Foundation Phonics or Kindergarten Phonics.

Foundation Phonics is good for students who have entered Kindergarten. This programme provides a fun introduction to phonics through games and activities. These activities will develop sound recognition, pronunciation, reading, and writing skills, providing a range of opportunities for them to learn different sounds and interact with their peers during their learning.

Kindergarten Phonics is suitable for kindergarten students who have a basic understanding of letter sounds. This programme provides an interactive learning approach to reading and writing through a variety of games and activities. In addition to games, students will learn high-frequency words and correct pronunciation of sounds. Handwriting is also an important component of each lesson, so there is plenty of opportunity to practise both lower and upper case letters.
Learning Mode Options:
Face to Face

Highlights & Outcomes

Develop handwriting for both lower and uppercase letters
Blending consonant-to-consonant and vowel-to-vowel
Begin to write sentences & short stories
Pronounce words correctly
Develop letter formation for early writing
Segment and manipulate sounds
Term 1 (September - December) is available for registration
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Programme Start Dates

9 September 2021

10 September 2021

11 September 2021