Special Announcement | Tuesday, 11 January 2022

In response to the Government’s latest announcement, we regret to inform you that all Sports and Language programmes are temporarily cancelled until further notice.
The ESF Language & Learning Centre will be closed from the 14th of January. All Playgroups and Pre-Kindergarten classes will be suspended.
Affected parents will be notified via email. For enquiries, please reach us through emails at info@esf.org.hk. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

Monster Battle Game Maker

Ages 10-12 Years
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Ever wanted to build your own version of Pokémon? In this course, students will have a blast using their creativity and computational thinking skills.

Students will design their own digital characters and bring them to life using code. Whether they create a friendly digital unicorn or a scary three-headed dragon, they will build their very own monster battle game using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Students will create a total of 5 mini-games around the theme of magic which can be shared with family and friends.
Learning Mode Options:
Face to Face
Coding Monster Battle

Highlights & Outcomes

Explore animations, digital creations, and programming fundamentals
Discover how professional animators and game designers build new characters
Learn to develop characters and bring them to life
Learn digital design using coding languages
Create a unique character or creature using JavScript & animation
Understand key programming concepts in HTML, CSS & JavaScript
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