Little Dreamers

6-24 months
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Highlights & Outcomes
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Messing Around: We have fab messy play sessions for babies and toddlers with new gloops and goos to explore each week. Let your Little Dreamers splat paint, squelch gloop, and splash water, and let us do the tidying up!

Story Time: We bring stories to life for babies through preschoolers by stimulating their imagination and expanding their understanding in storytelling groups. Each week our Little Dreamers will discover a new story together and go on a magical adventure as we enjoy exploring a book’s theme, characters, colours, and more.
Learning Mode Options:
Face to Face
Playgroup Level 2-02

Highlights & Outcomes

Develops language & listening skills
Increases creativity
Develops hand-eye coordination, spacial awareness, and fine motor dexterity
Builds confidence because the child is in control
Helps develop movement, coordination, and control
Introduces new vocabulary

What you need to know...

Compulsory Equipment:

Apron for sensory time. You may bring your own one or purchase our ESF apron (HK$100) when you check out.

Programme Start Dates

19 September 2021 – Buzzing Bees
Buzzzzzzzzz we have something very exciting for our buzzing bee’s this week as we get sticky with honey!
9:30am-10:30am 14-24 months
2pm-3pm 6-14 months

26 September 2021 – Goodnight Moon
We all know how important bedtime is! Come along and say good night to the room and the moon with this childhood favorite picture book. 
9:30am-10:30am 6-14 months
2pm-3pm 14-24 months

3 October 2021 – Up In Space
Zoom Zoom Zoom we’re going to the moon. Climb on board our rocket ship and join us in Space for some messy fun.
9:30am-10:30am 6-14 months
2pm-3pm 14-24 months

10 October 2021 – There’s A Dragon In Your Book
Do NOT turn the page! Tom Fletcher has written many wonderful children stories. There’s a dragon in your book is a fun adventure where your children will follow the actions in the story and get to explore with dragons!
9:30am-10:30am 14-24 months
2pm-3pm 6-14 months

17 October 2021 – Moody Monsters
Halloween is just around the corner and this week we are getting Monster Messy with gloops and goos…
9:30am-10:30am 14-24 months
2pm-3pm 6-14 months

24 October 2021 – The Little Red Hen
We travel to a farm this week to read the story of the little red hen. Your children will enjoy exploring with her farm yard friends.
9:30am-10:30am 6-14 months
2pm-3pm 14-24 months