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Ages 6-8 Years
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Forest School is a long-term, nature-based process that takes place in a natural environment and in (almost) all weather.

Through regular sessions, children develop a deep, personal connection to nature, as well as self-esteem and skills which build up their resilience, independence, and creativity.

Sessions are play-based and child-led, and they are designed to be fun and engaging. Rather than being a one-off outdoor activity, Forest School is meant to be a series of holistic nature experiences.

Children are accompanied by a Forest School Leader who invites them to take on small and achievable tasks, and supports them in learning about risks and how to stay safe.

During the programme the children are introduced to nature-based art and games, teamwork, and den/shelter building. As we progress through the programme, they also learn to build fires, do outdoor cooking, and use tools.
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Forest School

Highlights & Outcomes

Qualified outdoor first-aid-trained Level 3 Forest School Leader and first-aid-trained assistants
Sessions are held in the garden area of Peak School
Resilience: find/make shelters, use tools in nature, build a fire, and learn to manage risks outdoors
Independence: build self-reliance and recognise their own interests, strengths, and weaknesses
Confidence: managing small risks, teaching others, and being a valued member of a group
Creativity: explore loose parts found in nature for imaginative play and artistic expression
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