Bi-Lingual Pre-Kindergarten (Wan Chai)

Ages 2+ Years
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Highlights & Outcomes


At ESF Pre Kindergarten our approach to learning is through play-based theory which takes influence from Te Whariki (New Zealand) and the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (UK) with adaptations to reflect our culture as an international school based in Asia. With further inspiration from the Reggio Emilia Educational Project and Heuristic Play, our environment reflects these practices.

We create an environment that perfectly meets the needs of our youngest learners and educators, encouraging exploration, imagination and play. We strive to positively impact our toddlers and provide them with a fun, exciting place to grow and learn. The partnerships we foster with parents further strengthen the experience and development of each learner.

Our curriculum centres on the premise that everything that occurs with or for the toddler is the curriculum. It is inquiry-based and concept-driven. It is designed to be stimulating yet flexible to provide for the toddler’s desire to explore and investigate while offering the freedom of choice. It is also responsive to their rapidly growing capabilities and provides a strong foundation for an ESF education.

Our afternoon program provides a bi-lingual education in which qualified early years English and Mandarin teachers guide the children within their environment. This delivers an authentic experience in a nurturing and engaging setting.

*Classes taught in English and Mandarin*
Learning Mode Options:
Face to Face
Pre-Kindergarten WCC-02

Highlights & Outcomes

Small class sizes
Key Person approach
Full Language Immersion
Foster Independence & Confidence
Whole child development
Frequent communication with parents
Online portfolio updated weekly
Safe & Hygienic environment
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