Basketball - Academy - Secondary Academy - Girls Only

Ages 11-17 Years
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Highlights & Outcomes


In this programme, students will be introduced to higher-level basketball skills such as setting the screen and basic set plays. They will also learn how to refine and consistently employ the techniques and skills used in basketball games. They will learn how to adapt skills to challenging situations, expand their knowledge of basketball-specific training methods, and learn the importance of adapting to adversity in order to build self-resilience and gain confidence within their game. Students will learn how to self-organise and evaluate by describing team-based performances and identifying how to improve.
Learning Mode Options:
Face to Face

Highlights & Outcomes

Develop techniques to outwit opponents
Explore basketball-specific training methods and build self-resilience
Self-organise, judge, or evaluate team-based performances
Apply higher-level technical skills consistently to basketball games
Advance knowledge of the game and player roles or responsibilities
Expand skill development such as screening or set plays

What you need to know...

Compulsory Equipment: Reversible Uniform

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