ESF Sports has the best swimming programme in Hong Kong! Our programmes are for students of all ages and ability levels. This is a great option for students learning how to swim for the first time or for those looking for advanced lessons to improve stroke technique. We believe that students deserve to have an incredible swimming experience in the safest and most fun environment possible. All swimming programmes are offered year-round with a low student-to-coach ratio. This ensures that students receive unparalleled patience, supervision, and guidance. Our attentive coaches are passionate about showing children how fun it can be to learn such a valuable life skill.
Swimming - Adult Level 1 - Beginners (SWADB)
(Ages 18+ years)
Swimming - Adult Level 2 - Fitness (SWAD)
(Ages 18+ years)
Swimming - Advanced Level 1 (SW3)
(Ages 7+ years)
Swimming - Advanced Level 2 (SW4)
(Ages 7+ years)
Swimming - Advanced Level 3 (SW5)
(Ages 7+ years)
Swimming - Beginner Level 1 (SW1B)
(Ages 3+ years)
Swimming - Beginner Level 2 (SW1A)
(Ages 4-7 years)
Swimming - Improver Level 1 (SW2)
(Ages 5-8 years)
Swimming - Improver Level 2 (SW2A)
(Ages 6-9 years)
Swimming - Squad Level 1 - Foundation (SW6F)
(Ages 7-10 years)
Swimming - Squad Level 2 - Swim for Fitness (SW6SF)
(Ages 10+ years)
Swimming - Squad Level 3 - Development (SW6D)
(Ages 9+ years)
Swimming - Squad Level 4 - Competitive Squad (SW6C)
(Ages 12+ years)