Online Courses


Join our various online classes at the safety and comfort of your home! Our reading and coding classes are now available fully with the online mode.
Parent & Child
3D Game Design and Development with Roblox
(Ages 10-12 Years)
Build Your Tech Startup
(Ages 10-12 Years)
Code The Future with Artificial Intelligence
(Ages 12-14 Years)
Code Your Own World with VR
(Ages 12-14 Years)
First Steps In Game Development
(Ages 8-10 Years)
First Steps In Python
(Ages 10 - 12 years)
Little Learner Pack
(12 months to 2 years)
Minecraft Creator (Education Edition)
(Ages 6-8 Years)
Quarantine Pack (Early Years)
(0 to 5 years)
Quarantine Pack (Primary)
(6 to 10 years)
(Online) Raring to Read - Beginner Spanish
(Ages 6-11 Years)
(Online) Raring to Read - Kindergarten English
(Ages 3-5 Years)
(Online) Raring to Read - Lower Primary English
(Ages 6-8 Years)
(Online) Raring to Read - Upper Primary English
(Ages 9-11 Years)
Remake Classic Games with Scratch
(Ages 8-10 Years)
Take Your First Steps in Coding and Web Development
(Ages 8-10 Years)
Video Game Design With Phaser
(Ages 12+ Years)