Our fun programme gives young netballers a chance to take part in competitions from age 7 and up. Weekly netball training is held at South Island School, West Island School, and Quarry Bay School.

In each session, we will work on personal strength, coordination development, netball positional speciality training, and skills through modified mini-games and match play set ups.

Whether you are new to netball or you are getting ready to play competitively, this netball training will bring you a different experience and get you started on your netball journey.
Netball - Beginner Level 1 (NB1)
(Ages 7-8 years)
Netball - Beginner Level 2 (NB2)
(Ages 9-10 years)
Netball - Improver Level 1 (NB3)
(Ages 11-12 years)
Netball - Improver Level 2 (NB4)
(Ages 13-14 years)