English, Spanish and Japanese courses for children of all ages!

All Language programmes are open to both ESF and Non-ESF Students!

ESF Language & Learning nurtures children’s natural ability to learn languages. Our experienced, qualified teachers will bring out the best in your child’s language learning abilities in fun and interactive classes.
1-to-1 Classes
(Ages 4-14 years)
Drama & Communication
(K2 & K3, Ages 4-5 Years)
Drama Circle
(Ages 8-12 Years)
Drama Loop
(Ages 6-8 Years)
Drama Stars
(Ages 4-6 Years)
Lower Kindergarten English
(K1, Ages 3-4 Years)
Lower Primary English
(P1 & P2, Ages 6-7 Years )
Lower Primary Writing
(P1 & P2, Ages 6-7 Years )
Lower Secondary English
(Ages 12-15 Years)
Middle Primary English
(P3 & P4, Ages 8-9 Years)
Middle Primary Writing
(P3 & P4, Ages 8-9 Years)
(Ages 3-6 Years, From K1)
Primary Preparation English
(K3 & Year 1, Ages 5-6 Years)
(Online) Raring to Read - Beginner Spanish
(Ages 6-11 Years)
(Online) Raring to Read - Kindergarten English
(Ages 3-5 Years)
(Online) Raring to Read - Lower Primary English
(Ages 6-8 Years)
(Online) Raring to Read - Upper Primary English
(Ages 9-11 Years)
Spanish Beginner 1
(Ages 6-7 Years)
Spanish Beginner 2
(Ages 8-11 Years)
Spanish Improver 1
(Ages 9-12 Years)
Spanish Improver 2
(Ages 9-12 Years)
Upper Kindergarten English
(K2, Ages 4-5 Years )
Upper Primary English
(P5 & P6, Ages 10-11 Years)
Upper Primary Writing
(P5 & P6, Ages 10-11 Years)