From beginners to advanced coders, our Coding programmes are a fantastic way for your child to expand their knowledge and interest in coding, robotics, AI and more!
With the help of technology, students can successfully acquire digital skills online and in the comfort of their own homes. The teachers are very patient and the class sizes are small so that each student receives personalised support and instant feedback.
3D Game Design and Development with Roblox
(Ages 10-12 Years)
Build Your Tech Startup
(Ages 10-12 Years)
Code The Future with Artificial Intelligence
(Ages 12-14 Years)
Code Your Own World with VR
(Ages 12-14 Years)
Design & Code Your First Game
(Ages 10-12 Years)
Digital Design: Fundamentals in UI and UX
(Ages 15+ Years)
Master Spells and Potions with Code
(Ages 8-10 Years)
Minecraft Creator (Education Edition)
(Ages 6-8 Years)
Remake Classic Games with Scratch
(Ages 8-10 Years)
Take Your First Steps in Coding and Web Development
(Ages 8-10 Years)
Video Game Design With Phaser
(Ages 12+ Years)