Teacher of the Month October 2021

1st Nov 2021
Teacher of the Month October 2021
Meet Neetu Sharma, our teacher of the month. She is our playgroups and pre-kindergarten teacher at both Beacon Hill & the Wanchai Centre.

1. What is Your Name?

Neetu Sharma

2. Where do you teach?

ESF Beacon Hill School (Saturdays) and ESF Language & Learning Centre, Wan Chai.

3. What Level of class do you teach?

Playgroup Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Pre Kindergarten as well as Little Dreamers.

4. Tell us an unusual fact about yourself?

I can do handstands!

5. Tell us a fact about yourself that not many people know?

I can make healthy yummy snacks. I also like to read, fly kites and hike!

 6. Do you have any unusual talents?

I enjoy Doodling!

7. Why do you enjoy teaching at ESF Language & Learning?

I love kids and they make me happy every day and also the friendly staff I work with!

8. Share a funny story that has happened in your classroom or at school.

I was teaching a kindergarten prep class and when it was time for the kids to go home, I called the kids' names whose parents were outside the door to pick them up. One of the kids came back to me and hugged me and said to his mom, “I want Ms Neetu to come home with me!” When I told him I can’t come now, he started crying and it was very hard for his mom and me to explain to him. 

By Chris K Lau