Changes To Playgroup Curriculum

1st Apr 2021
Changes To Playgroup Curriculum
Playgroup camps

With the start of term 3, parents and children of our playgroup courses will start to notice a difference in how our classes are run. We are moving away from a craft-based approach with an even greater emphasis on inquiry and play. This developmental approach will better train your children and equip them with the skills they will need in kindergarten - whether they will go to an ESF or local kindergarten.

In practice, this means that students will still be developing their cognitive, language, physical, social and emotional skills but through more open ended tasks which encourage creativity and independence. Each lesson students will practise their fine-motor and gross-motor skills in addition to participating in a variety of fun activities to develop their sensory experiences.

Although students will not be producing a craft, the ‘creations’ they will sometimes take home provide an opportunity for students to continue their development outside of the classroom as they can play, manipulate and explore their creation. We understand that parents like to have things that their children make, but we feel that this change will help your children to develop into confident, independent young learners/students when they start kindergarten.

We really do put the play in playgroup as this is the best way for young children to learn.

Denise Longhurst
Senior teacher for playgroup