4th Apr 2022
Wildlife in Hong Kong - Animal Arts and Craft Ideas for Children!
Come learn about wildlife in Hong Kong! You can also get hands-on with some of the animal craft ideas here during your free time!
16th Mar 2022
How Things Move! Transportation Arts and Craft Activity Ideas
Let your children learn about different forms of transportation in their daily life through arts and crafts at home!
3rd Mar 2022
World Book Day 2022: Ideas To Celebrate This Festival of Reading
It's the World Book Day! Today let us talk a bit about the history and benefits of books, and we have also asked the team to share with us their favourite children's book!
25th Feb 2022
The Benefits of a Balanced Diet - Fun Activities Tied to Food
Want to spice your meals? Here are some fun food-related activities for your family to promote healthy eating.
18th Feb 2022
‘Raring to Read’ Online Courses - What are the Benefits of Story-Telling And Reading
Join our Senior Teacher, Ivy, to learn more about the Raring to Read programme, and how reading is imperative to a child's development.