Coding Camp
23rd Nov 2021
More Than A Game: 2 Key Roles Computer Games Play In Education
Here are two ways computer games assist in the development of core skills in children. Computer games do not subtract from learning. Rather, they enhance the overall learning experience. They motivate students to inquire about topics they are interested in - which they discover through the help of these games.
18th Nov 2021
5 Reasons Why Art Should Be Integrated Into Schools
It has been proven that art is a central way for students to get in touch with their creativity and develop their curiosity. This prepares them for higher education and career progression when they are in adulthood. Learn about our top 5 picks why we integrate art into our programmes.
1st Jan 2021
Newly Launched Online Coding Programmes For Everyone!
Recognising that coding is the language of the future, ESF Language and Learning offers coding classes for both ESF and non-ESF students.