26th Oct 2022
How do Extracurriculars influence my student life?
In my experience, extracurricular activities have influenced various factors of my student life positively in many ways. They helped shape me into the person I am while giving me important skills that have benefitted throughout my secondary school life. 
7th Jun 2022
Interview with Huiwen Cheung - ESF Language & Learning Abstract and Contemporary Art Teacher
Our ESF Language & Learning Art Teacher, Huiwen Cheung, was happy to answer some questions about her career as an art teacher and which current and historical artists inspire her. 
Summer Camps
2nd May 2022
Why Summer Camp Can Have a Positive Effect on Children!
With so many students already enduring such a high work load over the academic year, what are the benefits of attending a summer camp?
4th Apr 2022
Wildlife in Hong Kong - Animal Arts and Craft Ideas for Children!
Come learn about wildlife in Hong Kong! You can also get hands-on with some of the animal craft ideas here during your free time!
16th Mar 2022
How Things Move! Transportation Arts and Craft Activity Ideas
Let your children learn about different forms of transportation in their daily life through arts and crafts at home!