Facilities For Hire

The excellent sports facilities at King George V School and the swimming pool at South Island School are available to hire through ESF Sports.

All our facilities are conveniently located in different core areas of Hong Kong. King George V caters to the Kowloon district and is located in Ho Man Tin, which is only 5 minutes away from Mong Kok. South Island School caters to the Southside and is located only 5 minutes from Aberdeen. Meanwhile, the Wanchai Language & Learning Centre caters to those on Hong Kong Island.

Our Facilities For Public Hire

King George V School


King George V school is just off the main road and it benefits from one of the best football pitches and first-class cricket net facilities in Hong Kong. The KGV facilities are available for rent by friends of the school and the broader community.

King George V school is located in Ho Man Tin, right in the heart of Kowloon just 10 minutes away from Mong Kok MTR.

Email: gordon.suen@esf.org.hk

To hire facilities at KGV, please complete the hiring request form.

South Island Swimming Pool


The South Island School Swimming Pool is 25m long and between 1-3m in depth. This makes it suitable for a variety of swimming and diving activities for all ages and all levels. ESF hosts swimming lessons, scuba diving classes, and swimming competitions at the pool.

The South Island campus is based on the south side of Hong Kong against the backdrop of Mount Nicholson and facing out into the South China sea.

Email: gordon.suen@esf.org.hk

To hire the pool, please complete the hiring request form.

Wanchai Language & Learning Centre


Featuring 5 classrooms, a kitchen with sink, fridge, and electric stove, projector & screens, and a dynamic play area for toddlers, the Wanchai Language & Learning Centre is suitable for workshops, exams, demonstrations, yoga & meditation classes, and birthday parties!

ESF Language & Learning Centre is situated in the heart of Wan Chai with easy access – only 1 minute from the Wan Chai MTR station.

To hire the centre, email languagecentre@esf.org.hk or call +852 2838 2276 for details.

This information is for reference only in conjunction with potential bookings.
All of the above information is subject to change without prior notice.

Past Activities

Mothers Day Workshop

A thematic Mother’s Day arts & crafts event where mothers and their child participated in sensory and fine motor development activities together! It included creating their own paper tulips and creating their own mother’s day card. A perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

  1. ESF will not accept responsibility for any loss of or damage to any of its property by the Hirer during the period of hiring. Any property brought on to the school premises by the Hirer is done so at the sole risk of the Hirer.

  2. No advertising may be placed in any area of the school premises without the written permission of the Principal.

  3. The Hirer does not have exclusive right of access or possession of the Premises at any time.

  4. The Hirer does not have any right to exclude anyone from the school premises or site or lot at any time, which remains the sole right of ESF.

  5. ESF reserve the right to enter any of the Premises being hired at any time.

  6. This agreement is not assignable.

  7. The Facility to be used under this Agreement cannot be sublet or used by another party. It is for the sole use of the USER during the agreed term.

  8. The Hirer will not be entitled to use any other area of the school save for reasonable access to the hired areas and use of toilets/ changing rooms as agreed.

  9. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that the Premises being hired are not modified in any way and maintained in a safe condition during the period of Hiring.

  10. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that all areas being hired are left in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the hiring period. If this is not done, the school reserves the right to charge the Hirer a penalty sum to cover the costs of any repairs or cleaning.

  11. ESF operates a strict NO SMOKING policy which the Hirer will observe at all times during the hiring period.

  12. The Hirer will comply with the ESF Health & Safety requirements at all times during the hiring period.

  13. The hired facility may be accessed only by the Hirer nominated in the application.

  14. The Hirer shall indemnify and keep indemnified ESF/ESL and its school(s) against all actions, claims, and demands by any person who suffers or suffers or sustains any death, injury, loss or damages arising out of or as a result of the use of the school premises and or facilities by the Hirer or any person so authorized by him due to the negligence on his part or on the part of such authorized person.

  1. Functions at ESF Language & Learning Centre are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

  2. The function package, HK$ 2,000 for 2 hours, includes: 2 hours of entry to a dedicated room (classroom) for your event (all other areas are shared space); Use of tables, chairs, music system, projector, kitchen

  3. For birthday parties, we can add on face painting, a 45 min teacher led educational entertainment (music/drama/movement), and catering. Please enquire about the costs.

  4. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking. We cannot reserve your function without a deposit.

  5. The full payment balance is due 2 weeks prior to the party date. Final numbers of participants must be confirmed at this time. If more children attend on the day of the party, it will be necessary to pay HK $ 150 for every additional child.

  6. Fees paid for additional children that do not attend the party will not be refunded.

  7. Unpaid invoices of parties within 1 week of the party date may be subject to cancellation.

  8. Payments can be settled via PayPal. Payment will not be accepted on the day of the party. We do not accept cash payments.

  9. Set Up: You are welcome to come to ESF Language & Learning Centre 30 minutes before your event to set up. Guests will not be granted access until your designated party slot.

  10. Time Extensions prior to Party: Parties may extend their allotted time prior to the date of the event at HK$ 1,000/hour.

  11. Alcoholic Beverages are not permitted at ESF Language & Learning Centre during daytime events and parties. Some exception can be made for exclusive parties.

  12. Catering Terms: All food and utensils must be removed from the premises after the function. We reserve the right to charge for additional cleaning should the venue be left in an unhygienic condition.

  13. Decorations: Balloons, Bunting and birthday banners are permitted. Blue tack is the only acceptable adhesive.

  14. All guests are required to wear socks ESF Language & Learning Centre. Please inform your guests.

  15. Postponement of a booking will only be accepted in the event of a Black Rainstorm Warning or if a Typhoon No.8 or above is hoisted at or before 7am on the day of the party. Fees will not be refunded. The party may be rescheduled within 2 months, subject to availability.

  16. In the event that you should have to postpone your booking due to unavoidable circumstances, a minimum of 3 days notice is required. There will be a HK$ 1,000 fee to reschedule.

  17. All guests must vacate ESF Language & Learning Centre within 15 minutes of the end of the party or the fee for an additional hour will be applied.

  18. In the event of a dispute, ESF Language & Learning Centre and its staff reserves the right to make the final decision on all matters.

  1. ESF accepts in good faith the information provided by the individual or company processing the facility booking. It is incumbent upon the individual or company to ensure the authenticity and validity of instructor qualifications. In the case of instructors qualifications being invalid or untrue, no responsibility will be accepted by ESF should a case of negligence be presented. This will be the responsibility of the individual or company employing the instructor.

  2. Insurance coverage must cater for the activities the company are engaged in and the instructors supervising the activities.

  3. Any breach of the regulations will result in the booking being cancelled and being offered to another sporting group or company.

  1. There shall be no smoking, drinking of alcohol or drugs on the premises.

  2. Hirers and users will understand and comply with all relative statutory requirements for the activities that they are undertaking.

  3. All Hirers and Users shall consider and manage the Health & Safety risks of your activities.

  4. Hirers and users shall at all times maintain the premises in a clean and tidy condition and shall not alter any fixtures or fittings.

  5. Hirers and Users shall handle and dispose of any and all foodstuffs in a hygienic way.

  6. If applicable, Hirers and Users shall handle and dispose of any chemical or hazardous materials according to the manufacturer’s instructions and in accordance with the relative HK statutory requirement.

  7. As needed Hirers and Users shall provide all participants in their activities with the appropriate Personal, Protective Equipment (PPE).

  8. There shall be no working at height (defined as 1.8 metres above ground level) by any participant without the correct training and provision of PPE.

  9. Hirers and Users and their participants shall at all times exercise caution on stairs and in corridors, especially during times of high humidity and rain.

  10. Hirers, Users and their participants shall at all times be mindful of their activities and behavior and its impact on other users of the premises.

Facilities Request

Please fill-in the request form and our facilities team’s representative will be in touch.