Take Your First Steps in Coding & Web Developments

Ages 8-10


Gain an understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and get a solid head start in website development!

Using real-world technology, students will create websites and web-based applications. They will build their own coding posters, trivia games and personalized websites.

Students will end the course with a tech portfolio of the projects they’ve created which will act as a foundation to future projects that they build.

  • Explore coding concepts that are needed for basic web development and uncover the different elements of a simple web page.

  • Learn the fundamental languages HTML, CSS & JavaScript used to develop web pages and websites. By using a simple structure for a web page, learn how to take an idea online.

  • Create a variety of simple projects, including a personal portfolio of posters, websites & trivia games. Each of the projects, once finished, can be shared online with friends. 

Coding First Steps

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