Outdoor Adventure Camps

(ESF Sports X Dragonfly Hong Kong)

Ages 7-10

Adventure Camp Skills teaches students the philosophies involved in survival and emergency situations and challenges them to find creative solutions. They will journey to collect water from a stream and learn how to make their own water filter from commonly found items. In these sessions, students will be introduced to the concept of the Rule of Threes (a framework for prioritizing basic survival needs).

They will then take on those skills and explore the beautiful outdoors. Taking on the land and see participants can try out the following sports:

  • Canyoning
  • Coasteering
  • Kayaking
  • Stand-up Paddle Boarding 
  • Survival Skills

Mui Wo Camp
Meetup: Central Ferry Pier, Meetup: 8:30am, Dismissal: 5:00pm   
Sai Kung Camp
Meetup: Sai Kung Tang Shiu Kin Sports Ground, Meetup: 9:00 am, Dismissal: 4:00pm


Frequently asked questions here
Summer Camp Packing list here


  • Are there shower facilities available? 
    In Mui Wo, there are public toilets near our activity sites where participants could wash themselves after activities (but no proper shower) but for Sai Kung camps there are no facilities for participants to get washed (but they could still get changed). 

  • Are there any lockers available? 
    Personal lockers are not available but anything kids do not bring with them on activities (extra clothes, phones, etc.) will be collected at the beginning of the day and stored in our own facilities.

  • Are the trainers all first-aid trained? 
    Yes, all our trainers are first-aid trained.

  • If my child does not swim, would he/she be eligible to join the camp? Will they be given life jackets? 
    Yes, they would be eligible to join the camp since our summer courses are mainly for beginners. On top of that, kids will be required to wear life jackets during water activities (at all times).

  • For Mui Wo Camp, I understand that I can meet up with the group at Mui Wo Ferry Pier instead of Central Ferry Pier. But what's, is the exact meeting up time at Mui Wo? 
    The exact meetup and dismissal times at Mui Wo Pier are 09:30 and 16:00 respectively.

  • Can I accompany my child, or is there an area I can wait and watch my child during the camps? 
    We allow parents to watch their kids from a safe distance but they cannot interact with any of the participants during the programme.