Navigating University Applications

Year 12 / Form 5 graduates

Weeks 3-5


Higher Ed

This would be most appropriate for students going from year 12 into year 13 - or in the local system form 5 into form 6. It is for students going into their penultimate year of high school who will be applying to universities in the coming academic year.

The summer between the last two years of your high school are very important, with many things you need to complete for school. One thing that should be taking up a large amount of time is your higher education applications, because doing these in the busy term one of your senior year can lead to you making lower quality applications.

We are offering two streams to help put you in the best place possible to make those applications. When deciding which stream suits you best, think about how much you already know about where you want to apply, and how much help you need with the application materials. 


  1. ‘Beginners’. Do you:

  • Need help navigating higher education options around the world?

  • Need help deciding on which institutions might be a good fit for you?

  • Need to start application materials such as essays / personal statements?

This would be best suited to those who are not getting a detailed programme of support in their school. You will leave with an understanding of where you might apply and the foundations of successful application materials.


  1. ‘Advanced’. Do you:

  • Understand where you want to apply around the world? 

  • Need further help navigating how to make a competitive application?

  • Want one to one support to ‘polish’ applicant materials such as essays/ personal statements?

This will focus around the realities of good fit, doing an audit of your applicant profile and identifying areas you should focus on. You will leave with improved applicant materials.


Location: South Island School 

Time: 0900-1600  

Rate: $450 per hour

*We will deduct breaks from the overall course fee. Therefore, course fees are:

Beginners = 18 hours x 450 = $8,100

Advanced = 12 hours x 450 = $5,400

**Please prepare a light lunch for your child (microwave & refrigerator are not available on-site).

Class Schedule

19-21 July (Beginners programme) 

22-23 July (Advanced programme) 

2-4 August (Beginners programme)

5-6 August (Advanced programme)


Your instructor: Lauren Sharman

Lauren has 11 years’ experience of global higher education guidance in an international school and 8 years’ experience of UK university admissions and recruitment. She is highly experienced in selective admissions in the UK, Hong Kong, the USA, and Canada. She holds a BA in Archaeology from the University of Sheffield and a MA in Education from the University of Nottingham.

Lauren cares about students being at the centre of this process and being excited about their next steps. Lauren will send those registered a series of questions, to help make the workshops as focused to your needs as possible. This will ensure you leave having progressed in your understanding and ability to make successful applications to university.