ESF Multi Sports Autumn Camp 

11-15 October 2021

Autumntime is the time to get out and get moving and with an ESF Sports Camp your child will do just that! Providing a safe and enjoyable environment for students, our enthusiastic approach combined with expert coaches with a passion for sport, enables every student to develop their skills and self-confidence in a range of activities, both as an individual and within a group or team dynamic.

  • Enhance motor skills through different hand-eye coordination activities.
  • Variety athletics and gym exercises that are suitable for children of all ages and levels using balancing bars, ball games, and more.
  • Develop and refine sports skills that prepare your child for football, basketball, gymnastics and more!
  • Interactive team-building exercises that foster team spirit.

3 - 10 years old will love our day camps that are split into separate age groups. All camps combine a range of age-appropriate activities that aim to develop a core range of skills such as very basic motor skills (running, jumping, turning, balance) through to more sophisticated game-related abilities (teamwork, speed & agility, etc.). 

Your child’s enjoyment is at the heart of our sports camps. We deliver programmes that will provide your child with a socially positive experience, increasing their love of sport and improving their sporting skills all through the medium of fun and game-based development. 

Our Coaches

ESF Sports Camps are taught by coaches who are not only highly qualified, but also possess a love of sport. Our experienced team deliver our camps to the highest standards at all times and will help your child develop their skills in a way that is fun and involving.  All our coaches are registered and posses appropriate qualifications, are First Aid qualified and trained in current safeguarding and child protection policies.

Our coaches are supported by a team of young assistants who are trained and mentored to ESF Sport’s high standards. Their youth injects an additional feeling of enthusiasm in our camps and will keep your child safe and smiling during each session.


Parent & Child - SC0
Beginner - SC1
Improver - SC2
Advanced - SC3

*For the SC0 camps, children need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian who remains on site for the duration of the camp.