Fencing Clinics 

11-15 October 2021

Learn the art of sword in Summer with an ESF Fencing clinic! Our clinics are aimed at developing your child's fundamental skills of fencing which will enable them to become strong and resilient fencers.

Our friendly and qualified coaches provide a supportive and enjoyable learning environment and will help your child to develop a love of the sport! 

Our fencing clinics are opened to all young students - both ESF and non-ESF students.

The Beginner Level 1 programme (FEN1) is designed for any students without any experience in fencing, suitable for age 5 and above . The programme will cover the foundational knowledge, physical, and technical skills for fencing. Students will learn the basic skills of fencing including engarde, advance , retreat and lunge.

The Beginner Level 2 programme (FEN2) is designed for students aged 6 and above who have already completed beginner level 1 (at least 2 terms). It will teach the students on how to do parry and disengage at various position. The students will also learn different types of attack tactics.

The Improver Level 1 programme (FEN3) is designed for students aged 7 and above who have already completed beginner level 2 (at least 2 terms). The programme will introduce electric fencing and the students will learn different rules of fencing in competition in depth and how to read the score on electric fencing. The students will need to have the full gear to participate in this class.

Beginner Levels
Beginner - Level 1 -  (FEN1)  
Beginner - Level 2 -  (FEN2)
Improver - Level 3 - (FEN3)