Online Coding (Term 1)

7 September - 20 December 2020

Ages 8-14 years

Learning to code will increase your child’s odds of securing a lucrative STEM career, especially in a world where computing jobs are growing at over twice the national average. So, let's unlock new tech skills and soft skills by joining one of our popular courses.

  • Stay at home, learn at home!

  • Plan, design and formulate ideas on what students want to build

  • Develop creativity by designing video games and Apps

  • Improve presentation and collaboration skills

  • Polish problem-solving, critical thinking and entrepreneurship skills

  • Learn new digital skills, build their own projects and grow tech portfolio


  • In terms of progression, your child may choose any programmes within their age group.
  • If your child (age 8-10) has enrolled all the programmes of 8-10 age group before, your child can enrol programmes of 10-12 age group. 

Please note that the online course registration is only completed when your child's/a student email is sent to for setting up the online platform; you will also need a computer for Coding Programmes (Tablets are not acceptable).

8-10 Years Old

Scratch 3.0  

Scratch 3.0: Build your own 2D Arcade Games

Get a great introduction to computer programming with the Scratch coding camp! Using the new and improved Scratch 3.0, they will learn the basics of game design and character animation in a sophisticated, yet easy to learn environment. They will make 2D arcade games with multiple animated characters that can be played with friends. Using new code blocks in Scratch, they will also explore making art with code. No prior experience necessary. All skill levels are welcome.

At the end of the course, students will have created their own business plan, coded an online presence with a mobile-friendly website and built a presentation to pitch their business idea.

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First Steps in Coding

First Steps in Coding

Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript, the fundamental languages that real-world developers use to create websites and web-based applications. Students will do hands-on coding exercises to gain a sharper understanding on the building blocks of website development, including coding posters, trivia games and their personalised websites.

They will end the course with a tech portfolio of the projects they’ve started and created, and will be able to use their new skills to move onto more complex projects in the future.

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10 -12 Years Old


Digital Character Creation

Digital Character Creation

Get an immersive experience on animation and digital creations! Students in this camp will have a blast transforming their imagination into reality whether they are interested in creating a friendly digital unicorn or a scary three-headed, fire-spewing dragon. They will learn about HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding languages as well as explore programming fundamentals. Students will apply these concepts to bring their designs to life and fully customise their pet, creature or character to give it a unique personality, appearance, and behaviour. 

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Tech Entrepreneur

Tech Entrepreneur

Explore cutting-edge new technology to build a business idea. Learn the same tech empowering the tech companies of today.

In this camp, students will have the opportunity to let their creative energy, problem-solving skills, and entrepreneurial spirit shine! They will first learn how to use and work with coding languages HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Students will then be working independently or in small teams to develop a business plan, company brand, and digital online presence. They will define a real-world problem and, through design thinking activities and their newly acquired coding skills, will design and prototype a working tech solution

View Students' Work:

Cheuk's Solar Powered Batteries

Maxwell's Blue Bottle

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12-14 Years Old


Construct a Virtual Reality World

VR World

From forests to Mars, students will bring their imaginations to life by coding their own virtual reality world. Using coding languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript and A-Frame, students will be able to code and add their own customised textures, elements and interactions to complete their realistic simulated 3D environments. Students will also be able to easily share their work with friends and families, as well as immerse themselves into their creations if VR headsets are available.

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Build a 2D Mini Game

2D MiniGame

Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build a 2D game. In this camp, students will be introduced to more advanced JavaScript concepts that will give them the skills to build a more complex and technically challenging game.

They will learn about the development process for video games and then dive into the detailed development of game assets and mechanics. They will learn to create their own environments, characters, and terrain, before moving on to concepts of frame rate, jump mechanic, game logic and collectibles. At the end of the course, students will explore their creativity to make the game their very own 2D game which they can share with their family and friends.

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