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ESF Sports & Language

Spring Sensations - 3 to14 April, 2023

Spring into life and join us for some fun and adventure

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"My children improved a lot through learning swimming from you for only 6 weeks and their swimming skills and progress are far much better than my son’s previous 2 years learning in clubhouse. Moreover, my children enjoy learning from you and so they like swimming very much after taking your classes. We deeply appreciated it from the bottom of our heart. We are so lucky to have my children to learn swimming from you and with lots of fun." - Jolie and Jayden parent

Spring Camp 2023

Join us for some fun and adventure from 3 to 14 April with Sports & Language!


From writing to speaking, phonics to drama, we offer both face-to-face and online courses. Master english with our dedicated teachers through fun games and interesting topics. Open to all from aged 3 to 15.


Get physically fit, learn to cooperate with others and establish friendships. We offer up to 14 kind of sports! Open for all ages and all levels.


Build a strong foundation for your child! Develop social, physical and language skills through our play-based playgroup class.


Learn this one of the most most widely-spoken language. Our Spanish programmes bring Hispanic culture to life through stories, games and drama to develop the four main language skills.


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【$360/$480】Taster Day

Come and see what we’re all about! Everyone is welcome

Are you interested in our programmes but want your child to give us a try first? Then join us on 1st April where we will have workshops and taster sessions for all ages. From messy play through to creative writing, give us a try but be prepared to want more! 

Playgroup Little Dreamers: Messing Around this Spring (6-18 months /18-36 months) Register HERE

Stimulate the senses as we jump into lots of mess and gloop to explore spring life with The Little Green Frog.

Kindergarten Workshop (3-5 years) Register HERE

Explore a seasonal story through arts, crafts and games. 

Writing Tasters

Learn new tools and techniques to write creatively in just 2 hours!

Lower Primary (6-8 years)  Register HERE

Upper Primary (9-11 years) Register HERE

Lower Secondary (12+ years) Register HERE

Mandarin Movers and Makers (8-11 years) Register HERE

This is a great chance for beginners to practise and develop their Mandarin while having lots of hands-on fun with traditional arts and games. Students will make their own kite which you can fly together after class.

【$350】Bi-Lingual Playgroup Trial (English/Mandarin)

Hands-on learning experiences are carried out in a nurturing educational environment
Music & Movement, Arts & Crafts, Gross Motor activities on indoor play area, Storytime, Sensory, Messy Play & Experimental Inquiry

“Being raised bilingual may actually facilitate the development of certain language and cognitive skills. These aptitudes include mental flexibility, abstract thinking and working memory, a type of short-term memory essential for learning and problem solving.”
The Bilingual Advantage by Erica Westly

【$50】Parent Talk Series: Active Listening - Ways to Support Your Child

Target Audience: Parents with children ranging from 1.5-5years old

Presenter: Cristal Mills and Neetu Sharma

During the session we will help parents to understand what Active Listening is, providing the tools and skills to be able to facilitate this with their child at home or at school.

We will be providing powerful information for parents to grasp the concept of Active listening and why and how it is used.

This talk will cover the topics of:

  • What active listening is.
  • Tools to help understand  and use active listening
  • A guide to understanding your child’s emotions
  • Tips to support self-regulation
  • Tips to further develop deep relationships with the child in the class or at home

Cristal’s Bio


Cristal has worked in the Early Years industry for over 12 years. She joined ESF back in 2016. Cristal is an Ex. ESF student herself and has seen first hand how wonderful an ESF schooling is.

Cristal has taught in different Early Years settings across Hong Kong over the years and is familiar with a variety of styles and curriculums.

She is very passionate about child-led play and the importance of play. Being a Mum to a 7 year old and a 4 year old with special needs, she is dedicated to making sure that all children fit into our learning environment.

Neetu’s Bio


Neetu has worked in the Early Years industry for over 10 years. After completing her diploma in Montessori Teaching, she has been working for ESF since 2017.

She believes sensory play encourages children's learning through exploration, curiosity, problem-solving, and creativity.

As the mother of a secondary ESF student, she understands the importance of active listening in developing trust and strong relationships between parent and child.

【$300】Playgroup Trial Class
Join us for a trial class at ESF Language & Learning Centre (Wan Chai). Trial classes are structured classes to get a taste of how we put the PLAY in playgroup!

Trial classes include

Level 1: 6-12 months

Level 2: 12-18months

Level 3: 18-30 months

𝗘𝗦𝗙 𝗣𝗹𝗮𝘆𝗴𝗿𝗼𝘂𝗽

Our curriculum is split into three levels, each tailored to the needs of your child's age with English medium of instruction, with each language following the same curriculum.ESF Language & Learning Centre follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework.

【$230】Little Movers - Trial Class (Wan Chai)

The best Multi-Dance classes to help your MOVER grow! Join our trial to experience this amazing and healthy work out time with us!

Little Movers is a super fun multi-dance class for kids from 18 months to 6 years old. We have regular classes to attend week to week to keep your little one dancing and to have your Little Mover looking their best while playing with interactive and creative props!

Develop strong able bodies, master major and minor motor skills, learn the importance of practice, develop a positive work ethic, learn how to support and accept others, and develop key social and emotional skills that go on to benefit them in all aspects of life.

【$50】Parent Talk Series: Active Listening - Getting ready for School

Target Audience: Parents with children entering Pre-K/Kindergarten

Presenter: Ivy Tang

Saying goodbye can be challenging for both parents and children on the first few days of school. This talk will help parents understand the challenges children face when it comes to attending school for the first time and suggest ways parents can do to facilitate a smooth transition for children entering Pre-K/Kindergarten.

This talk will cover the topics of:

  • how to deal with separation anxiety
  • helping your child become more independent
  • what to expect in Pre K/Kindergarten?
  • Practical tips on how to help your child prepare for a new school

Ivy’s Bio

After graduating with a degree in Early Childhood Education in the United States, Ivy has been working in Early Years settings for over 10 years and joined ESF in 2016. She has also completed her PGDE and MEd. Ivy believes that open-ended play can help children provoke their interests in learning, increase self-confidence and enhance their creativity. As a mother of a ESF primary school student and being an Early Childhood Educator, there’s nothing more rewarding than watching children learn in a caring, loving and play-based environment.

【$50】Parent Talk Series: Happy Parents, Happy Toddlers- Supporting your Child’s Wellbeing

Target Audience: Parents with children ages 6 months to 4 years

Presenter: Fiona Hughes

All children have their own personalities and they’ll communicate what they need and feel through their behaviour. All children need support from their caring adults to feel okay while they experience change. This workshop will provide simple, practical ways for connecting with your children and supporting their wellbeing from the infant years through toddlers' strong emotions and tantrums.

This talk will cover the topics of:

  • Tips on how to be a confident leader of your home, ways to handle anything thrown your way
  • How to manage a tantrum- learning what to say and do!
  • Ways to encourage communication
  • How to encourage children to turn wants, needs and emotions into words

Fiona’s Bio

Fiona Huges

Fiona has worked in Early Years Education for more than twenty years.  Having gained her Montessori Teaching diploma and BA in Early Childhood education, she has taught as an Early year’s practitioner in international schools both in Beijing and Hong Kong. Influenced very early by the Montessori philosophy and followed by working across many different curricula, Fiona approach to teaching is being passionate and dedicated to all children and families and making sure our children’s voices are heard. As a mum, she has a first-hand experience of living with a toddler. 

Swimming with a coach and learning to float Swimming with a coach and learning to float