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ESF Tennis - What to Expect

Player Pathway -The ESF Tennis program is designed to ensure all ages and abilities are constantly challenged in a fun, learning environment. With the use of 3 different types of pressured balls (Red, Orange & Green), students will be able to learn the basic ground stroke and game play fundamentals within the first lesson. For intermediate and advanced players the Orange and Green pressurized balls allow students to hold a consistent rally while ensuring correct technique is being used. It’s never been easier to enjoy the challenging game of tennis! 

Competitive Opportunities - The ESF Tennis programme places importance on establishing a competitive framework in a fun, teaching environment. Mini tennis competitions are offered each term for all ages and abilities so that each player has the opportunity to test their skills in an enjoyable environment. This also provides students with motivation and goals within their weekly classes to help them take their tennis to the next level. The ESF Mini competition structure follows the Red, Orange and Green levels so all students can participate even in their first term of tennis. It is also a great opportunity for parents to watch their tennis stars in action!

Tennis is a fantastic sport to give and build your child’s confidence and concentration, as well as development of hand eye coordination and athletic skills that apply and enhance other sports and activities.

The best time to learn is now. Tennis is a fantastic social game, one that you can travel anywhere around the world and play with friends for the rest of your life. ESF’s goal is not only to give your child these foundations, but the skills and correct technique to set them on the path to be the best players they can be.