ESF Tennis - Progression


Age Range

Beginners tennis class (TEN1a) younger players

4 - 6 years

This class is for beginner players who, throughout the term, will become confident in performing all groundstrokes, volley, serving and introduction to a basic rally. This is where the fun begins!


Beginners tennis class (TEN1b) older players

7 - 8 years

This class is for beginners or players with little playing experience. It’s never too late to learn tennis so this class will also provide the basic fundamentals (forehand and backhand groundstroke, volley, serve).



Age Range

Improvers tennis class (TEN2)

7 - 8 years

This class is for students who are comfortable with the basic skills of tennis. This class will introduce more challenging tennis skills including topspin, footwork and point play. Students will be challenged to use these skills in real match situations. 



Age Range

Advanced tennis class (TEN3)

9 years +

This class is a high intensity class which will challenge each student in all aspects of their tennis game. Advanced footwork patterns, swing techniques and point play tactics will ensure all students are on their way to becoming a complete player.


Non Term Time

Age Range

Tennis Clinics (TENC)

5 years +

Holiday time tennis action that gives students a chance to showcase their court skills in a highly enjoyable, fun environment. Lots of games, matches and activities. Students of all ages and ability are welcome.


Development Programme
Invitation Only

Age Range

Development Programme for players born in 2003/04 (TEDP03-)

Under 12

This invitation only programme is aimed at 'Future Aces' - those students who have an increased aptitude and talent for the sport of tennis and who wish to develop their skills and understanding in a more technical environment.

Youth Academy
Invitation Only

Age Range

Youth Academy Squad for players born in 2002 or older (TENAC02+)

13 years +

This invitation only Academy programme is suitable for competition players. A high intensity class where students will be tested both physically and mentally.