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Hello everyone, my name is Cody Yu, I am a swimming coach with years of experience teaching in all age groups from beginner to intermediates. I am coaching SW1A, SW2 and SW3 at South Island school.

I love swimming since I was a kid. My family used to bring me to the beach during weekend, and I am in love with swimming since then.  By teaching my students the skill of swimming, they can be able to challenge their own limits and watercraft to explore their potential.  Through my passion in swimming and coaching, I wish my student fully enjoy the fun of swimming and develop their skills from time to time.  My usual practice of teaching will depend on specific needs of each individual student.  I am looking forward to become your swimming coach in the coming term.

In addition, I also enjoy different kinds of sports, such as diving, badminton, tennis and cycling.

I remain at your disposal for any further questions.


HKASA - Swimming Teacher’s Certificate

The Hong Kong Life Saving Society - Certificate in First Aid

Bronze Medallion

Certificate in Aquatic First Aid,,

Pool lifeguard award


Younger levels - preschoolers, and beginners