ESF Sharks Swimming - Parent Portal

As a part of ESF Sharks ongoing commitment to your child’s progression, you will be supplied with a complementary online login to the SwimDesk ‘Parent Portal’. You will receive an email with your login details after your child’s next assessment. 

The SwimDesk ‘Parent Portal’ will allow greater communication and better feedback regarding your child’s progression within the Swimming Lesson Program. You will be able to login to the SwimDesk‘Parent Portal’ and:

  • track and monitor your child’s progression
  • understand the requirements to progress to the next level
  • receive feedback from the Teacher in Charge following assessments.

Based on each evaluation completed by the Coach in Charge, a competency summary will be created for you which outlines the key swimming and water safety skills that your child has successfully acquired as well as areas of their skill base that need further development.

If your child has successfully progressed to the next level of our program, you will be able to access and print a copy of the progression certificate via the SwimDesk ‘Parent Portal’. 

In addition to information about your child’s progression, the SwimDesk ‘Parent Portal’ will contain all the information you need to know about the ESF Sharks Swimming Lesson Programme. This will allow you to better understand the class level competencies and learning outcomes.

We are committed to ensuring your child gets the most out of our Swimming Lessons Program;

The SwimDesk ‘Parent Portal’ will help us keep you up to date with everything you need to know about your child’s progression. 

If you wish to receive updates about your child’s swimming lessons, please ensure that we have your correct contact details by speaking to one of our reception staff or the Head Coach in Charge at your location.