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Fundamental Motor Skills & Foundations

By offering a developmental pathway in both our Kindergarten Development Programme and Junior Development Programme of fundamental motor skills, ESF will ensure a fast and effective way for students to incorporate the skills aquired within specific sports such as basketball or athletics.

Essentially our programmes provide provide the foundation that is required for all sports. Our mission is to provide students with higher levels of self-esteem, so that they may possess a stronger sense of interactive social confidence and equality that they will carry throughout their lives.

Age Appropriate Learning

2-3 years:

The exploration of balls, equipment and games within a sporting environment through a fundamental development programme and guidance.

4-5 years:

The exploration and development of equipment.

6-8 years:

The development and the consolidation of written and unwritten rules of game and match play, alongside speed and agility introductory training patterns to improve performance and health.

9-11 years:

The consolidation of games and use of tactics into match play alongside specific work on speed and agility to increase activity/athleticism.

Progression Report

ESF Multi-Sports understands the needs for consistent feedback and we aim to provide every child with useful comments reflecting their development over the term and encouragement to continue the good work.