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ESF Multi-Sports

ESF Multi Sports gives young children in Hong Kong a chance to develop a wide range of skills and abilities through fun games and activities, which will prepare them in a variety of different team and individual sports. We believe that it is important for people of all ages to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle in a city like Hong Kong.

From age 2 to 5, students will take part in the Kindergarten Development Program (KDP). In these classes, children will have the opportunity to develop their confidence through interactive physical activities, thus giving them advantages when they are ready to join their sport of choice.

Multi Sports introduce children to the fundamental competencies of sport, such as using correct jumping technique and improving running form. When they acquire these skills, children become a more coordinated, balanced and well-rounded athletes. Furthermore, not only does their performance improve, but students will learn to be more focused and more confident when socially interacting with their peers.


ESF Multi Sports provides sport specific development in many areas including:

  • Learning the basics of kicking a football or a rugby ball
  • Enhancing the ability to bounce a basketball
  • Developing proper technique in throwing and striking a baseball
  • Introducing the fundamentals of different catching techniques
  • Fostering the importance to react and adapt in an individual/team game situation

The Development Pathway

The core of the programme concentrates on developing a necessary range of skills to create rounded individuals.

The pathway will ensure that all students are capable of developing in the following areas:

Vertical Jump
Over-Arm Throw
Ball Bounce
Strike: One Handed
Strike: Two Handed