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ESF Multi-Sports

ESF Multi-Sports gives young children the chance to develop a wide range of skills and abilities to prepare them for participation in a variety of different team and individual sports. Students who follow the programme will be in a stronger position to select a specialist sport(s) when the time is right, or simply have the chance to enjoy some fun physical activity. Our youngest students age 2-5 participate in the Kindergarten Development Programme (KDP).

For primary-aged students the ESF Multi-Sports programme is great for children who want to develop their physical and athletic abilities, especially those for whom athleticism and coordination do not come naturally. We help to develop children's skills and abilities so that they will have the technique and also the confidence should they wish to join a specific sports programme that may have previously been beyond their reach. We assist in fulfilling students' individual needs or wishes in the Junior Development Programme (JDP) for ages 6 - 11+.

Both the KDP and JDP introduce children to the fundamental skills of sport such as - throwing, striking, dodging & leaping. As they acquire these skills, students become more coordinated and balanced and as they do so, their performance grows in line with their self-confidence when interacting socially with peers.

Skills acquired in ESF Multi-Sports improve abilities in a number of ways for example:

  • learning to throw will help children to pitch in baseball, serve in tennis or return a cricket ball from the boundary rope towards the stumps.  
  • developing the ability to kick will assist a child's interest to play football of any code - soccer, AFL or rugby.


The Development Pathway

The core of the programme concentrates on developing a necessary range of skills to create rounded individuals.

The pathway will ensure that all students are capable of developing in the following areas:

Vertical Jump
Over-Arm Throw
Ball Bounce
Strike: One Handed
Strike: Two Handed