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Parents and/or guardians are encouraged to join in with their child's experience. From this they can learn how to assist their child (especially Phase 1 and 2) in all areas of the program like how to catch or strike a ball. There are certain skills that the parent/guardian can learn to maximise their child's learning curve (placing the ball in the correct area for achievement) and of course enable you to enjoy additional play and exercises.


Pick Up/Drop Off

 Any children who are joining the program straight from a school class (e.g 11.30am) are to be collected from their usual pick up point (e.g. main entrance or outside the classroom) by the parent/guardian and brought to the Multi Sports program.


Who to Contact

If you have a question relating to sign up, payments, changing the time/class or your application in general please call our Customer Service Operators (CSO's) on 2711 1280 or email .


If you have any questions regarding the programs content of your childs development please call Jon Kemp our Sports Development Officer and the Senior Coach of the program on 2760 3928 or email


Parent Portal

This is our cloud based software that enables ESF Sports and you the parent to - as they themselves say 'effectively track progression and improve customer engagement'. Here we will assess each student which will enable you to see where your child(ren) are or are not progressing on a weekly basis.



The program is designed for all children to be able to progress at their natural pace. If this requires a student to spend only one term in Phase 1 as they have passed all sequential criteria and are ready to move to Phase 2 that's great. If they require a little more time to retain the information this will be communicated and explained through our Parent Portal.


Where to Start

At the beginning, all students are required to begin the KDP program at Phase 1. If your child misses the first and most crucial step of their development they will not gain the confidence and information with which to progress through the program.



Yes. The Parent Portal will have online certification for all students regardless if the graduate to the next Phase or not. If they do not progress to the next phase they will receive a participation/encouragement certificate for the continued efforts.



All new students will receive a shirt on the first day of joining the program*. You are expected to wear this shirt for every class whilst you attend the program.


*There may be unforeseen circumstances that mean we are unable to provide your child with a shirt on the first day but will make every effort to have a shirt for them as soon as possible.


Weather Policy

Please refer to the ESF Policy for rainstorm and typhoon signals here.