What to Expect

Chinese Kung Fu - Learning Kung Fu is a great way to learn self discipline, cultivate and refine one’s character and spirit and to look after yourself and others. ESF Kung Fu has been put together with the strengths of different types of martial arts regardless of their origins. Established in Hong Kong in 1981, Heng Yue Yen Long Kwon Kung Fu was founded by Grand Master AU Yuet-sing, Black Belt 10th Dan.

  • Heng: Perseverance
  • Yue: Universe
  • Yen: Benevolence
  • Long: Righteousness
  • Kwon: Martial Arts

Our classes are run by well-qualified black belt instructors.

Technical Skills

Self-discipline and socialisation skills, and concentration and attention

Player Pathway

Advancement through a belt system


Any comfortable sportswear.

Class duration

 1 hour