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ESF Gymnastics -
What to Expect

Engaging with sport at an early age has a number of advantages for children from health benefits, through to the development of key social skills..

Gymnastics is the ideal sport in:

  • Developing strength and endurance
  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve balance, coordination & better posture
  • Invaluable start to all sporting activities                                                                                                

Skill Building – Gymnasts will build a range of locomotive skills, developing their social skills as well as coordination skills which assist in developing children’s body & space awareness.

Recognition of Achievement – There are five ability stages and each stage has two or three specific levels to work through. Upon completion of all the tasks at each level, student receive a certificate of achievement and are awarded a badge allowing them to graduate to the next level.

Competition – Every child has the chance to show their skills in the Annual Gymnastics Tournament held in June every year. Other competitive opportunities are also provided during the year.