ESF Gymnastics -

Gymnastics - Beginners

Age Range

Beginners gymnastics class (GY1a) younger children

4 - 6 years

This class introduces students to the basics of gymnastics;

  • Develop balance & difference body shape
  • Build confidence in jumping, rolling & landing skills.
  • Introduction to Floor exercise, Balance beam & Vault at a fundamental level.
  • Work on Kite Level 1, 2, 3 sticker books.

Beginners gymnastics class (GY1b) 

5-9 years

For slightly older beginner students or very young students with some experience or those who already passed the Kite Level 3 Award.

  • Develop more fundamental skills like rotations, turns & body tension.
  • Introduction to rolling in different direction
  • Progress more complex tasks including handstands & cartwheels.
  • Work on Hawk Level 4, 5, 6 sticker books.

Gymnastics - Improvers

Age Range

Improvers gymnastics class (GY2)

6 years +

To join this 90 minutes class, students must have at least 1.5 years of gymnastics experience.

  • Tumbling skills: Round off, back walkover.
  • Floor & Beam routines.
  • Straddle over vault.
  • Bar work (subject to availability of apparatus at venue.
  • Conditioning work is increased.
  • Work on Falcon Level 7 & 8 sticker books.

Gymnastics - Advanced

Age Range

Advanced gymnastics class (GY3)

8 years +

Suitable for students with good gymnastics skills & experience, who are keen to progress even further in this 90 minutes training session.

  • Tumbling skills: Handspring, front walkover, and free hand cartwheel.
  • Tuck over & handspring vault included.
  • Moves requiring power & agility are taught.
  • More emphasis on grace & style.
  • Work on Falcon Level 9 & Eagle Level 10 sticker books.

Non Term Time

Age Range

Gymnastics Clinics (GYC1)

4 - 14 years

Our 90 minutes clinics provide gymnastics training for children to increase all around muscle strength, improve flexibility and coordination. Students will be introduced to Floor exercise, Beam & Vault apparatus, and develop a whole range of skills in a fun & relaxed environment. Coaches will divided the class into similar age groups.

Youth Academy
Invitation Only

Age Range

Youth Academy Squad - invitation only

8 years +

This course provides advanced gymnasts with more difficult skills which we recommend training twice a week.

  • Produce high quality gymnasts.
  • Focus on discipline, practical repetition training.
  • More complex Floor & Beam routines are taught.
  • Tremendous skills from gymnastics carry into other sports.
  • Work on Eagle Level 11 & 12 sticker books.