ESF Gymnastics

4-11+ years

Gymnastics is unique from every other sport. Participation in gymnastics provides a strong foundation in other sports by helping children develop fine motor skills, coordination, balance and flexibility. Our classes run in a fun learning environment where children will be challenged in a positive and productive way. ESF Gymnastics coaches are very experienced with backgrounds ranging from reigning World Champions, artistic competitive gymnastics, national team members and more.

“My child enjoyed moving through each level with a sticker book and felt such a sense of achievement when she was awarded badges along the way. I am astounded by what she can now do on the floor!”

A basic overview of the classes is below:

00-15 Short game and stretching

15-25 Basic Skills on the mats (this includes leaps and jumps)

25-35 Rotation on the apparatus, skill development

35-45 Rotation on the apparatus skill development

45-00 Conditioning and strength, (In the form of cardio, games and strength)


 What to bring to classes
Children should bring a water bottle (no glass bottles), long hair should be tied back, and children should wear their ESF leotards.