ESF Gymnastics (Online and In-Person)

4-16 years

Welcome to ESF Gymnastics, this foundation rich sport is suitable for all ages and levels from beginners to advanced gymnasts.

Our fun interactive lessons are designed to develop your child’s fine motor skills, coordination, balance and flexibility. With pathways to competition, challenging your child in a positive nurturing way.

Gymnastics Classes

Classes are broken down into age by year group then further streamlined according to ability. This is matched closely by age.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Classes

If your child is more creative and would like to dance more. We have you covered with our new Rhythmic gymnastics classes. Offering comprehensive instruction on the use of Rhythmic apparatus, Balls, ribbons, hoops and ropes as well as developing your children’s flexibility and gymnastics foundations.


ESF Gymnastics coaches are very experienced with backgrounds ranging from World Champions, Artistic Competitive gymnastics, National Team members, Tumbling experts, Cheerleaders, Rhythmic Specialists and Judges. 

 What to bring to classes
Children should bring a water bottle (no glass bottles), long hair should be tied back, and children should wear their ESF leotards.