ESF Gymnastics

Gymnastics is recognised as a key sport in forming the basis for physical literacy by developing fundamental movement skills. ESF Gymnastic classes provide a variety of experiences for children to be stimulated and challenged, developing their skills in flexibility, agility, balance and coordination. While structured, students also gain social skills through interaction with fellow gymnasts.

“My child enjoyed moving through each level with a sticker book and felt such a sense of achievement when she was awarded badges along the way.  I am astounded by what she can now do on the floor!”

ESF Gymnastics Pathway


For current students

Gymnastic Level
Gym Beginners
4 – 6 years (approx.)
Kite 1      Kite 2 Kite 3    
Gym Beginners
5-9 years (approx.)
Hawk 4 Hawk 5 Hawk 6    
Gym Improvers
6 years+ (approx.)
  Falcon 7 Falcon 8    
Gym Advanced
6 years+ (approx.)
  Falcon 9 Eagle 10    
Youth Academy Squad
      Eagle 11 Eagle 12

For each level, children receive a personal sticker book. When a child succeeds in a specific task, they receive a sticker to place in the book. Upon completion of all the tasks the child receives a certificate of achievement and is awarded a level badge allowing them to graduate to the next level.

 What to bring to classes
We recommend parents purchase gymnastic long sleeved leotards from the ESF Office. (please see equipment page for long sleeved ESF leotards)
Newly enroled students will receive a free gymnastic long sleeved leotard.
Other:    Water bottle (no glass bottles)