Class Information 

Whether your child is joining us for the first time, or even if they are a “seasoned” pro in our programme, we hope that they will be looking forward to developing their skills with the ESF Tigers Basketball programme this term. Detailed below, you will find some information which we hope you will find useful. 

  1. Please make sure your child is on time (if not ten minutes early) for every class and, that they are wearing an ESF Tigers Basketball orange and black reversible uniform at each and every session. If your child is new to our programme, they will automatically be given a uniform by their coach at the first class, unless delivery of new stock has been delayed. 
  2. Please ensure that they tuck their jerseys into their shorts. Please also ensure that no jewellery nor wristbands nor friendship bands are worn during the class as these items are forbidden under the rules of basketball which the children will learn about. Also not allowed are t-shirts under their jerseys please. We want our young Tigers to look and feel like proper basketball players! 
  3. Please also ensure that your child is wearing proper basketball trainers or sports training shoes and not outdoor shoes, especially when playing in an indoor court. 
  4. Your child will recognise our coaching staff as they will be wearing our purple and black coaching uniforms. All our lead coaches are Basketball England-qualified, First Aid-trained and have a passion for the sport! You will also note that some of our younger coaches work in pairs as they are members of our senior Elite Basketball team and have excellent fundamental skills which they want to help pass on to the new generation of Tigers! 
  5. At the start of each class, the coach will welcome the class briefly; take the attendance roll and highlight the main goal for the session. 
  6. Our classes follow modern basketball coaching principles and will include an initial session on SAQ (Speed, Agility & Quickness) drills; a technical session on either introducing or developing a fundamental skill and rounding off the session with small-sided games. Our emphasis will be on learning through fun. 
  7. Please make sure that your child has a drink/water bottle but we would not recommend eating a snack during the class as this raises potential Health & Safety issues, like choking. 
  8. Like most sports, basketball may sometimes seem very repetitive but children will learn that improvement and excellence comes from repetition, so we ask for your patience as every child develops at a different pace. 
  9. For those children who love basketball and want to develop their skill set quicker than others in their class, there is an opportunity for them to join one of our Development Academies at either DC, KJS or WIS on Saturdays. Details can be obtained from me by emailing your interest. 
  10. If your child is going to be absent from a class, please notify our office by email ( so that we can ensure that the coach is aware of this. 
  11. Finally, please ensure that you are very familiar with our weather policy, as detailed on our website.