Our Sports

We love sport and all that goes with it! It’s why we  are committed to giving every one of our students the opportunity to grow and develop in sport and get the most from their involvement.

Our programmes start from 24 months of age where we focus on developing the fundamental skills of movement, the basic building block of sport. As they grow, students can progress through our structured programmes which are predominantly age-based, reflecting children’s sporting development principles and take guidance from international standards of athlete development.

The basic skills and knowledge of each sport are introduced at beginner level and are consolidated as students move from Intermediate to Advanced. We do this through practice, repetition and, gradually, by introducing gameplay. Games, drills and routines are built into each programme and they are extended and developed progressively as the student continues to refine their core skills.

Students who demonstrate the ability, will and application may be invited to join one of our sports Academies or the Swim Squad which provide a more challenging environment in which we seek to develop skills and abilities as well as instil the principles and ethics of all good sports programmes, such as enjoyment, personal discipline and team spirit.

Here, there are opportunities to continue to develop key skills as a regular participant and also have the chance to participate at a competitive level play with tournaments and competitions being regular features. 

Above all, our emphasis, at whatever level, is on fun!  ESF Sports provides the perfect learning environment students who enjoy learning want to continue playing and developing their sport.

Below you can see how our sports programmes are structured: 

Introduction to Sport & Activity (2yrs - 4ys)

Multi Sport Camps, Sports Cubs, Parent & Child Swimming


  • Fun & Participation

  • Active & healthy lifestyle

  • Social interaction & friendship


(5yrs - 7yrs)

Beginner Classes, Sports Clinics


  • General overall development

  • Fundamental movement including; agility, balance, coordination, speed, running, jumping & throwing

  • Creativity in movement & body awareness

Skill Development

(8yrs - 10yrs)

Improvers & Advanced Classes


  • Physical confidence & competence

  • Knowledge of the body in action

  • Understanding of simple rules & ethics of sport

  • Increased training & consistency

Competitive Pathway

Lions, Tigers & Wildcats Academy Squads, Sharks Swim Squads


  • Tactical & Technical Skills

  • Performance of skills in competitive conditions

  • Ability to work as an effective team

  • Development of power and strength