Activity Locations

Here are the locations where you will find your class within each school. Should you have any questions regarding the location, feel free to give our office a call at 2711 1280.

School Activity Facility
Australian International School Swimming 9/F Swimming Pool
Beacon Hill School Basketball Playground
Beacon Hill School Football Playground
Beacon Hill School Kung Fu PMP Room
Beacon Hill School Tennis Playground
Bowen Road Tennis Tennis Court
Bradbury School Basketball L/G Gymnasium
Bradbury School Football Blue Playground
Bradbury School Gymnastics L/G Gymnasium
Bradbury School Netball Tarmac Area
Bradbury School Multi Sports Covered Playground
Bradbury School Tennis L/G Cover Playground
Bradbury School Kung Fu Multi-Purpose Room
Clearwater Bay School Basketball Playground
Clearwater Bay School Football Rooftop astro pitch
Clearwater Bay School Gymnastics School Hall
Clearwater Bay School Kung Fu School Hall
Clearwater Bay School Tennis Playground
Conduit Road Service Reservoir Playground Football 5-a-side Hard-Surface Soccer Pitch
Discovery College Basketball Primary Playground / 2/F Secondary Gym
Discovery College Football Football Pitch
Discovery College Gymnastics Primary Gym
Discovery College Swimming Swimming Pool
ESF Abacus International Kindergarten Multi Sports Lawn Area
ESF International Kindergarten (Tsing Yi) Multi Sports Playground
ESF International Kindergarten (Wu Kai Sha) Multi Sports Indoor Physical Area 
Glenealy School Basketball Undercover Area / Open Area
Glenealy School Football Undercover Area
Glenealy School Gymnastics School Hall
Glenealy School Multi Sports Undercover Area
Glenealy School Tennis Undercover Area / Open Area / School Hall
Island School (Tai Wai Campus) Basketball Outdoor Basketball Court
Kennedy School Basketball Playground
Kennedy School Football North Wing Roof Playground 
Kennedy School Gymnastics Gymnasium
Kennedy School Kung Fu Gymnasium
Kennedy School Multi Sports North Wing Roof Playground 
Kennedy School Netball Playground
Kennedy School Tennis 4/F North Wing, Octagonal Playground
King George V School Football Football Pitch
King George V School Netball Netball Court
King George V School Multi Sports Football Pitch
King George V School Tennis 5/F Roof
Kowloon Junior School Basketball Gymnasium (4/F Block A)
Kowloon Junior School Gymnastics Gymnasium (4/F Block A)
Kowloon Junior School Netball Playground
Kowloon Junior School Multi Sports Covered Playground / School (1/F Block C)
Kowloon Junior School Tennis Playground
Kowloon Junior School Kung Fu School Hall
Peak School Basketball Basketball Court
Peak School Football Football Pitch
Peak School Gymnastics School Hall
Peak School Kung Fu School Hall
Peak School Multi Sports Football Pitch
Peak School Tennis Upper Playground
Quarry Bay School Basketball Basketball Court
Quarry Bay School Football Astro Pitch/Hardcourt
Quarry Bay School Gymnastics Gymnasium
Quarry Bay School Kung Fu Gymnasium
Quarry Bay School Netball Netball Court
Quarry Bay School Tennis Gymnasium
Quarry Bay School Multi Sports School Hall
Renaissance College Basketball Outdoor Basketball Court / Secondary Gym
Renaissance College Football PAC Rooftop
Renaissance College Gymnastics Primary Gym
Renaissance College Kung Fu Music Room
Renaissance College Multi Sports Rugby Pitch
Renaissance College Netball Secondary Gym
Renaissance College Swimming Swimming Pool
Renaissance College Tennis Covered Playground / PAC Rooftop
Sha Tin College Football School Hall Block (Astro Turf)
Sha Tin College Gymnastics Secondary Gym
Sha Tin College Swimming Swimming Pool
Sha Tin Junior School Basketball Main Playground
Sha Tin Junior School Football Main Playground
Sha Tin Junior School Gymnastics School Hall
Sha Tin Junior School Multi Sports Primary Gym
Sha Tin Junior School Kung Fu Primary Gym
South Island School Basketball Secondary Gym
South Island School Gymnastics Covered Playground
South Island School Netball Secondary Gym/Lower Playground
South Island School Swimming Swimming Pool
South Island School Tennis Upper Playground / Lower Playground
West Island School Basketball A9/F Arena / C3/F Gym
West Island School Tennis Roof Area Block C/5/F Blue Playground