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We understand the importance of providing a stimulating setting for our students to nurture their curiosity, inspire their inquiring minds and develop their physical skills. Adopting a play-based learning approach the child’s emotional, social, physical and language skills are developed with age-appropriate sensory, creative and practical activities. Through carefully planned play experiences, children learn:

  • Decision making and problem solving skills
  • Independence
  • Self-confidence
  • Speaking and listening skills


Our curriculum has been developed by experts in education and child development. The theme based curriculum is driven by age-appropriate learning outcomes to allow students to play and explore their surroundings whilst working towards key milestones. Playgroup exposes children to a range of enriching activities to develop their understanding of the world around them.

Through our playgroups, students will establish routines and learn how to interact with others as they explore and make new friends.

A typical session involves:

  • Supervised Free Play
  • Circle Time – using songs and books to acquire social and interactive skills
  • Sensory Time to develop fine motor skills and five senses recognition
  • Snack
  • Gross Motor Skills to develop balance, coordination, movement
  • Stations for Structured Learning - creative play, problem solving
  • Closing and Goodbye

Our playgroup provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain awareness and confidence in an international learning setting that will ease their transition to kindergarten..

Here is an example of our Construction Unit.

Playgroups run at ESF schools and kindergartens across Hong Kong and at the ESF Language & Learning Centre in Wanchai.