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Secondary Writing (12+ years)

“The interrelated skills of writing and reasoning are the two most important skills for success in higher education; when I ask my students which skills they most often lack, writing is usually at the top of their list.”

This course gives high school students a valuable opportunity to fine tune their academic writing skills. The course aims to connect They will learn to understand different writing conventions. For example, in one unit, students will study the conventions of a newspaper article and then write their own article.

In this course students will:

  • develop and strengthen relevant writing skills geared towards exam success
  • plan and write for both fiction and non-fiction genres
  • undertake activities suited for the real world such as the basics of business writing and journalism    
  • explore creative writing themes
  • learn how to apply their writing skills to real-life situations.


Assessment practices:

The writing course provides clear assessment guidelines and rubrics to ensure students understand different writing conventions. Teachers continuously assess students’ work during class time and all work is marked on a weekly basis. Students are given valuable feedback on their strengths and what areas they need to develop and how to develop.


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