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Upper Primary Writing

Ages 10-11

Packed full of interesting topics to spark creativity. Our writers will explore different writing structures, develop grammatical structures relating to specific genres, practise proof-reading and editing skills and learn how to avoid common grammatical mistakes.  They will continue the journey of self- and peer-editing and develop their creativity and imagination, focusing them on their journey to become a strong writer.

The following writing skills will be developed:

  • Written grammar
  • Persuasive techniques to introduce new products
  • Letters of explanation
  • Logical writing in paragraphs
  • Effective use of synonyms and pronouns to avoid repetition in sentences
  • Organisation of essay writing and logical development
  • Formal and informal styles of letter writing
  • Using details and examples to support reasoning
  • Travel writing

The curriculum is supplemented with the course book Writing to 14 - Student Workbook (HKD $150). Please purchase this book when you check out.