Spanish Intermediate 1

Ages 10-16 years


Upper Intermediate

An interactive and exciting course specifically designed to develop students’ communicative skills in Spanish.

The aim of this course is to provide the students with the opportunity to learn special techniques to enhance the use of all the grammar and language patterns they have been studying in the past, and apply them to daily life situations. Students will extend and increase their ability to use the Spanish language through texts, audios, video, drama and written activities.

In this course students will:

  • develop reading, writing, listening and speaking skills
  • observe and explore the grammar by using authentic Spanish texts and materials
  • accompany the young Spanish characters Lucía, Carlos and their family on an adventurous journey around Spain to learn about the geography and culture of the places visited. 
  • compare the characters’ life and traditions with their own life in Hong Kong as they are exposed to a variety of daily life circumstances