Spanish Improver 2

Ages 9-12



This course is suitable for students who have successfully completed Spanish Improver 1. 

This programme aims at increasing confidence and competence in communicating in Spanish.  Students study a wider range of literature and learn a broader vocabulary related to real-life situations.  It will take the students to a higher level of spoken Spanish, enhancing awareness of pronunciation and intonation. Based on a dynamic approach, this course uses interactive task activities that will help reinforce language patterns and students develop their written Spanish. The course covers the syllabus for the European mark of reference A1-A2.  Through multiple activities, students also increase their cultural understanding.

Our Spanish Improver 2 students will:

  • Capitalise on language learning
  • Develop Spanish language and literacy skills by applying complex grammatical structures
  • Use a range of fiction and non-fiction texts to develop writing skills and have the ability to respond critically both verbally and in writing
  • Enhance awareness of pronunciation and intonation

The curriculum is supplemented with the course book Colega 3.