Spanish Beginner 1

Ages 6-7 years


Spanish Beginner 1 is a great way to start Spanish lessons for lower primary children. Through topic-based literature and activities, songs and games this exciting course will introduce students to the basic concepts of the Spanish language. With Spanish Phonics, our stimulating approach to the Spanish alphabet, we help students recognise Spanish letters and move onto more mature writing skills through simple exercises. Students begin to learn sounds and intonation as they begin to communicate in Spanish. 

Each lesson, students will study the vocabulary of a topic and learn how to talk and write about this experience.

Our Spanish Beginner 1 students will:

  • Be introduced to Spanish through topic based literature and activities
  • Learn to recognise the sounds and intonations of Spanish
  • Develop basic vocabulary 
  • Learn the alphabet and Spanish letters; start to write in Spanish
  • Gain a fun insight into Hispanic cultures and traditions

During the first lesson students will be assessed and placed in one of two levels of Spanish Beginner. Each curriculum is supplemented with a course book.