Lower Secondary English

Ages 11-15


Lower Secondary English is an inspirational programme seeking to build a strong English language skills foundation in students. Learn with experienced and native English-speaking teachers that will guide learners on applying their language skills to real-life and practical scenarios, exploring dynamic topics on the way such as mindfulness, entrepreneurship, globalism, environmentalism, and many more. This programme will help build their confidence in speaking, writing, reading, and listening to English through relatable topics & contextual material that will rouse & foster their curiosity for learning.


  1. Use of up-to-date real-life topics crucial to students' everyday lives such as the environment, travel, globalisation, and technology

  2. Enhances the core foundation of all vital English skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) to help them navigate exams

  3. Gain life skills that boost problem-solving and assist in managing real-life situations

  4. Collaborative projects to help students practice their English speaking and presentation skills through live debates & discussions

  5. Consolidate and further enhance students' key vocabulary and grammar skills

  6. Learn essential English skills pertinent to both their university and job interviews