Primary English

Our English primary courses are topic-based with age-appropriate materials that use language in familiar situations. Classes are interactive and filled with carefully selected and stimulating activities, encouraging students to express themselves effectively in English in written and spoken form.  We use many different text types and forms of literature as well as different writing styles to promote their understanding.  As language structures become more complex, students learn to apply appropriate grammatical constructions.  Projects introduce new challenges and encourage students to apply their language skills in practical ways, working individually and in collaboration with other students.

By attending our primary courses, students will:

  • expand their vocabulary across a wide range of familiar topics, and learn to apply the new vocabulary in different contexts
  • independently comprehend and appreciate stories and other written pieces, identifying and understanding important ideas in the text
  • use verbs, verb forms and verb phrases
  • use prepositions, conditional and relative clauses
  • write a variety of different types of texts, using persuasive, instructive, creative and expressive language. 

“Teachers of the programmes trigger her interests in learning English. She has not only improved in reading and writing English, but also in speaking and listening. Most importantly, she finds interest in learning English.” - Mr. Chang