Middle Primary Writing

Ages 8-9

Students will have the opportunity to explore an array of theme-based topics, which will act as stimuli for writing and develop their writing skills. In this course, our writers will use both fiction and non-fiction genres as a springboard for writing, developing their language and literacy skills.  They will learn how to self-and-peer-edit their writing effectively for improvement and how to use a range of techniques to enhance writing.  The following writing skills will be developed:

  • Written grammar
  • Writing interesting introductions to hook the reader
  • Journal writing
  • Writing about a personal experience
  • Comparing and contrasting
  • Logical writing in paragraphs
  • Essay writing
  • Giving written instructions
  • Conclusions
  • Descriptive writing

The curriculum is supplemented with the course book Teachers 4 Teachers - Grammar Conventions 3 - Student Workbook 2nd Edition.