Lower Primary Writing

Ages 6-7 years


In Lower Primary Writing, students develop descriptive writing, opinion writing and learn to write about specific topics that are of interest and relevance. In this programme, our writers will use fiction and non-fiction genres as learning tools and develop their punctuation and spelling skills. They will develop an understanding of sentence structure and cultivate different literary techniques to enhance their writing, building up a portfolio of work.

In this course, students will:

  • learn to structure their writing for different purposes and use descriptive sentences
  • learn to edit and review written work      
  • develop skills to write descriptively and in detail, create cards for special events, distinguish between fact and opinion, and write opinions for book and movie reviews    
  • improve their written grammar.
The curriculum is supplemented with the course book Teachers 4 Teachers - Grammar Conventions 1 - Student Workbook 2nd Edition.