3D Game Design and Development with Roblox

Ages 10-12


Students will use the world-famous gaming platform, Roblox Studio, to design and develop their own games. They will use programming logic like function, loops, and conditions to customize and develop an engaging story that captures the player’s interest, and design heroes that take on the interactive world.

Students will work on their game design skills and learn to think creatively about designing worlds, creating themes and setting objectives and goals, mimicking how professional developers think about game development! Students who have advanced skills will dive into more complex Lua coding to customize their games further.

At the end of the course, students can launch their games for their friends and family to enjoy.

  • Explore how other creators have developed advanced games using Roblox and see how Roblox games are made from start to finish.

  • Learn to design and develop fully interactive 3D games using Roblox Studio and Lua programming.

  • Create a custom 3D game using Roblox. Develop unique characters and scenes that can be shared and played by friends. 

Coding Roblox

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